About Us

Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI) believes that cross-cultural education is the key to a harmonious world built on mutual understanding, respect, and equality.

Through education programs that empower and inspire scholars in different Asian countries and regions, BXAI seeks to strengthen relationships between the people of Asia, support partnerships between East Asian academic institutions, and cultivate a sense of community and mutual understanding within a changing global landscape.

Our Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) provides scholarships for students from Asia to study away from their home country or region at any of our Anchor or Participating Universities, and our annual BXAI Summer Program brings together current Bai Xian Scholars for an enriching experience over the summer that includes lectures, discussions, study trips, and group research. The Bai Xian Alumni Initiative Award (AIA) encourages Bai Xian Alumni to work together in teams to produce socially responsible action plans that address critical issues in Asia, while the Bai Xian Alumni Association aims to deepen engagement within our growing alumni community through networking and educational events.

By creating intercultural opportunities for young scholars in Asia to learn from and engage with one another, BXAI’s ultimate goal is to bring up innovators, thought leaders, and influencers who embrace diversity and are committed to promoting peace, regional collaboration, and harmony in Asia and beyond.

Our Vision and Mission

BXAI’s vision is to become Asia’s preeminent educational platform that paves the way towards a prosperous, sustainable, and conflict-free modern Asia. By building bridges across cultures, BXAI seeks to develop a new generation of leaders through scholarship and education programs that create opportunities for intercultural exchange and learning.

Our Core Values

These five core values guide our decisions and actions, support our vision, and uphold our culture:

  • Social Equality: we believe that all students should have equal access to education and opportunities, regardless of social standing.
  • Excellence: we are committed to achieving excellence in philanthropic leadership in our mission to transform lives.
  • Respect: we embrace and respect diversity in both local and global communities.
  • Value: we value honor, integrity, and truthfulness.
  • Engagement: we engage people and nations in active dialogue to uphold peace.