[July 15, 2020] How to make an impression on clients, future employers and more!

Do you have a dream client or employer you want to engage? Or a number of new clients you’re aiming to get? Or is there a specific company or type of job you’d like to have but don’t know how to get your foot in the door?

This one-hour webinar, from ex-Disney creative head, Angela Cheung, known for her popular BXAI workshops, and Treena Nairne, a former journalist, and EY, HSBC communications senior executive, will show you how to make and impress new business contacts, grow a network of professionals who will connect you to others, refer you and champion you.

Angela and Treena will reveal their unconventional – but proven! – strategies. Become someone who attracts people and opportunities by joining the webinar.

The main session will be 60 minutes long. After that, Angela and Treena will stay to discuss other helpful topics or answer specific queries. We’re here to help and to make the session as directly relevant and valuable as possible – so if you have specific problem or question about something you’re working on, this is a great chance to get practical advice!

Watch the full session recording here.

Event Details:

Date: July 15, 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 12:30 – 13:30 (Hong Kong Standard Time, GMT+8)

**Zoom link will be only disclosed to successful registered participants via email within 48 hours. Unauthorized sharing of the session link is prohibited. Prior to the session, all participants should read the pre-session information.

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